Alliance ChemDry

Flood Water Damage

flood water damage restoration by FRANCHISEAfter an insurance company has appointed FRANCHISE to assist in the restoration of a flood damaged building and/or contents, technicians are sent to the property to inspect the affected areas.

Once an assessment has been completed by the technician, an estimate is submitted to the policyholder to arrange to commence or complete necessary work.

In dealing with the incident some or all of the following procedures may be followed, although policy cover may restrict the nature and extent of work to be undertaken. For example, if your policy is buildings only then the technician will not be in a position to remove, clean or restore any items of contents and will only report on the extent of the damage to the buildings.

Initial consideration will be given in two areas for emergency work, including drying and restoration.

Emergency work may involve the following:

  1. Investigation into the extent of damage.
  2. Carrying out bacteria and chloride tests.
  3. Application of a suitable anti-microbial solution to prevent mould and mildew growth and kill waterborne bacteria and viruses in contaminated water.
  4. Extraction of standing water.
  5. Moisture testing to determine the extent of moisture in structural materials, floor coverings and in the air.
  6. Installation of drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air-movers.